Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Billing Consultants Specialize in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management.

Medical Billing Consultants employs some of the most experienced billers in the medical profession and we have perfected the science of medical billing coding. Personal accountability and intimate customer care are part of our core values. Outsourcing your medical billing is smart. Let our team of experts get you paid more, and get paid fast.


No need to change systems for MBC to provide our services.


Our only focus is maximizing your practice’s profit. Our team stays appraised of insurance rules and regulations. Medical Billing Consultants collects 97.4% of medical billing collectable revenue in an average of 21.4 days for the clients we serve. MBC will audit and submit clean, accurate claims within 48 hours. Every claim is professionally verified and personally tracked.


We are a dependable, powerful resource that works as a team with your internal staff to provide support and training in your medical practice.

Specialties That We Serve:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Behavioral Health
  • Dermatology
  • Neurology
  • OB/GYN
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain Management
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Urgent Care
  • Others

The features below are all included in our revenue cycle management service.


We will assume your credentialing responsibilities from day one. We have years of expertise in working with countless payers and specialties from across the country. We also utilize software and technology to eliminate the potential for stalled claims.

Coding and Compliance

Our Coding and Compliance team is comprised of in-house, certified coding expertise in conjunction with cutting-edge, computer-assisted word recognition technology. We will implement a compliance program that consists of continual in-house quality assurance audits, but also includes an annual “third party” auditing process to ensure maximum compliance levels.

Claim Submission

We provide direct electronic processing (EDI) of claims to all major payers. We also have access to submit to those payers that do not support direct submission. There are no clearinghouse costs passed to your practice, and we submit claims in a timely manner in accordance with established standards.

Payment Posting

Our posts and deposits payments timely and accurately for immediate balancing and deposit verification. EOBs are scanned and indexed for easy retrieval and efficient denial management. We have processes in place to review payers for ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) capabilities, so you receive your payments faster.

Contract Variance

We provide an insurance contract variance solution to verify that your current reimbursement levels are accurate. Our enterprise-level revenue cycle management software is capable of measuring these variances instantly. Contract variance can increase revenue, but also proactively identify and avoid mass recoupment liability.

The Start Up / Go Live

Our client Start Up process is well documented and defined. We take a very “hands on” approach to implement the plan and create process continuity between us. Our shared goal is to smoothly transition you to our solutions, while simultaneously keeping your cash flow stabilized.

Interface Development

We will develop the interface needed to import your billing data into our enterprise level, revenue cycle management system. Our in-house Information Technology Team has years of experience creating interfaces with many practice management systems

Charge Capture

We have built processes to capture all charges efficiently whether we receive them electronically or on paper. Pollux will take the extra steps to capture and charge all services provided by the practice. We understand the importance of obtaining the correct information on the front end to eliminate stalls on the back end.

Log Reconciliation

We have developed a proprietary log reconciliation system that reports variances in comparisons (electronically or manually) between a patient log file of services performed to charges currently entered into our system. This process is to ensure that all service rendered are captured and timely charged.

A/R Management

Our Insurance Resolution process is aggressive, highly detailed and effective in tracking denials, overseeing files and receiving a timely response. We have developed specific software tools and processes to effectively manage and reduce denials, thus improving your practice’s payment cycle and cash flow. We electronically batch all denials and non-response claims into Stalled Claims Service Centers. These Service Centers are worked daily in accordance with well-defined throughput standards.

Patient Solutions

Additionally, we include a patient payment portal that interfaces with our patient statements. We submit statements to patients within hours of patient liability being established. Our United States based customer service team will serve as a seamless extension of your office. The patient has the option to received “e-statements” (email statements). Our statement and payment portal solution is patient-friendly and compliant.